Watch Debbie Allen Hit The Stage Salsa Dancing At 66 Years Old Showing Us #WhatThatMelaninDo


Gon’ Debbie!

Debbie Allen recently enjoyed Salsa Sunday at the Wallis Annenberg Center where she taught a free class. She took to instagram to post the video below of her joist moment on stage giving the crowd swaying hips, quick feet, released hands, and a bit of dipping and doing it, as Wendy Williams would say;

Debbie Allen is Queen! At 66 years old she is still dancing, directing Greys Anatomy, and living life to the fullest with a huge smile on her face and joy in her heart. Debbie is cool…let’s all be like Debbie! I don’t know many 66 year olds who can move like Debbie #MoveLikeDebbie

#SOULdiers, Isn’t She Going In?!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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