Watch Lil Wayne’s Explanation Of Why Racism Doesn’t Exist Does He Have A Point?


Does He Have A Point?

Lil Wayne sat with Undisputed and cleared up many things millions of fans wanted to know. Would Lil Wayne ever work with Birdman again? His answer was, no, and that as long as Birdman gives him the money he is owed, everything would be fine, but that the working relationship would still be over;

When asked about Colin Kaepernick the topic of racism came up and that’s what set the social world a blaze. Unlike many other publications siting a sort clip posted about Lil Wayne capturing him answering the question below, TheBLACKMedia will not just give you that short clip, but the entire video to show you his thought process, and not one statement which can skew your thinking of him;


“A lot of White kids love rap….what does that say to you….what’s the bigger picture of it”


“i dont wanna be bashed like I’m on the wrong…if there is a side, but I thought that was clearly a message that there was no such thing as racism, that’s what I thought that was…”

While I completely disagree with Lil Wayne’s point of view, I strongly consider readers and online publications to take a closer look at where Wayne is coming from. In the same interview Wayne spoke about his ignorance to race in the US and made a point to state that he focus’s on his children and his loved ones. That’s his “nation”, that’s his life, that’s his concern. Considering this, why then are publications making a big deal about Lil Wayne’s explanation of how he see’s life?

     Wayne also stated he’s never dealt with racism in any form and that seeing many white people in his audience’s across the nation is the reason he believes racism doesn’t exist. It’s completely understandable coming from a wealthy rapper, but what’s not understandable is; if Wayne can see what’s happening in the world, why would he make such a bold statement like this? He stated he is aware of what’s happening and see’s the degradation going on even in his own hometown, so why then the statement? Is he bought? Or is this just pure ignorance and wealthiness that allows you to not pay attention to what’s going on around you?

Wayne, racism does exist, and it exists all around you. Racism is; prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior…it deals with systematic oppression, marginalization, land, and power. It’s bigger then what happens at a concert when people are enjoying your music. It’s what happens when you’re a person of colour living in a wealthy neighborhood and you’re often policed just for being a person of colour, its what happens when you’re Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, and many more who’ve died for just being a person of colour. Maybe, Lil Wayne, you will think 3 times before making a terrible statement of ignorance like that again….but then again, maybe you just didn’t know. Hopefully you do now.


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  1. Racism does exist. The country has came a long way. It still has a ways to go. Not just whites are racist. A well dressed, well spoken black man/woman is considered to be acting white. While a loosely dressed, slang speaking white man/woman is considered to be acting black.

    If there was a the white or white entertainment television (wet), would it be considered racist?

    People are keeping racism alive. Millenials (1980-2004) are taking over the work force and the country. We will make changes and move forward. It will not be easy or fast. We will make it better for the next generation! I believe this is what lil wayne is referring to, or trying to support.

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