#JUSTICE? Sandra Bland’s Family Awarded 1.9 Million Dollar Wrongful Death Settlement



     CNN Reports Sandra Bland’s family settled out of court with a 1.9million dollar award for the wrongful death of Sandra Bland. If you remember Sandra Bland was brutally murdered, and it was reported a “suicide” back in 2015. After being wrongfully taken in for failing to single a turn by a white cop who can be seen on tape using excessive force towards this activist, and Black Lives Matter participant. The cop who arrested her, after her murder, was later fired and charged with perjury for lying about her arrest, but days before that happened Sandra was found dead in her cell…

Conspiracy? You decide.

Bland’s Mother;

“Geneva Reed-Veal, said the settlement is a clear victory. ..
‘Right now my emotion is joy, pure joy,” she told HLN’s Mike Galanos on Thursday. “There’s a sense of God’s justice for me.’
While I do not exactly agree that millions of dollars is justice, I do believe it helps with pain and the future of those lost after murderous actions of racism like this. If the mother is happy, so am I, but rest assured this will never happen again, and if it happens to me, know that i am of sound mind, body and spirit, I love myself and I will never ever kill myself for I know God’s wrath is real and taking your life before its your time is a one way ticket to hell…and I don’t wish to go there, and neither did Sandra.
I do think it’s interesting though, siting a ‘wrongful death’ but the system is still here? Something similar happened with Tamir Rice’s family. How is it that money can be thrown at a situation like this, of wrongful death, when an investigation and completely SHUT DOWN of a system should occur before rebooting it and allowing those under Texan law enforcement to head back to work….
#SOULdiers, What Do You Think?

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