Why Rhona Bennett And Jamie Foxx’s “Jingle Off” Scene Will Forever Make Them TV Legends



On this Throw Back Thursday, TheBLACKMedia brings you, “The Jingle Off” starring Jamie Foxx and Rhona Bennett an iconic, legendary scene from the hit sitcom “The Jamie Foxx Show”. This scene will forever go down in history as one of the most legendary scenes in sitcom history. It was funny, unseen, new, exciting, and riddled with girl power, but also male power that presented an equality factor to the work force, singing, acting, and entertainment overall.

Where Are They Now?

Jamie Foxx went on to continue being a comedian and actor. Jamie won an Oscar for his role as “Ray Charles”, and has released hit records and platinum selling albums “Unpredictable” and “Intuition”. Even though Jamie Foxx was told he’d never be able to be a singer due to his comedy, Jamie proved everyone wrong and today he still releases hit records and great music, giving us just a glimpse of his amazing vocal ability, often taken for granted in the industry.

Rhona Bennett went on to becoming the first lady of “DarkChild” Rodney Jerkins label releasing a number one record “Satisfied” and an album that did very well over seas. She later continued acting doing spots on shows and plays before being asked to becoming a member of the legendary girl group En Vogue. After En Vogue’s break up, they looked for a member to replace the others, and Rhona became that girl. She remained an En Vogue member for five years before taking a hiatus and now she’s back with En Vogue and can be seen virally on their epic return “Live Greatest Hits” with “Junes Diary” Kelly Rowlands new group, and the release of En Vogue’s new single, and album to come.

 In the early 2000s when the clip below came out, it lifted us in ways that can only be described as timely, needed, and magical! It was funny, good to listen to, and showed the world just how multitalented Afrikan American entertainers can be, and still remain successful, competent people. We just didn’t see it before, besides, it was simply ICONIC!!!!!!

Jingle Off;


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