“When The Bough Breaks” Becomes A Box Office Success Starring Regina Hall & Morris Chestnut


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     Morris Chestnut and Regina King’s new suspense drama “When The Bough Breaks” becomes a box office success. The film also starred new comer Jaz Sinclair who did a stunning job as the crazed surrogate mother to be. While many critics panned this film as your typical thriller and many didn’t enjoy the typical story line of what happens when you present to someone who has nothing everything they want, the movie was still great!

Having seen this film myself, I disagree with many that the film was typical. It was anything but. The film has a great arch and focused on what a woman would do to have a baby when she is unable to. I’ve seen many films and I’ve never seen that narrative before. Regina delivers a stunning performance and the idea that the baby inside another woman is still yours but hers at the same time added to the excitement of the film. It was great acting, great scenes, amazing visuals and a great look for Men as the leading character played by Morris Chestnut is not your typical man, something we need to see more of in film.

     Against a 10 million dollar budget, which is low for most films starring leading white characters, Regina Hall and Morris Chestnut being the top bill brought in two times the budget with over 23million dollars, making “When The Bough Breaks” a box office success! Black people can bring em’ out, who said we couldn’t?

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