I Agree With Mary J Blige’s Response To Hecklers About Her The 411 Hillary Clinton Interview

Say It Mary!

Mary J. Blige responds to hecklers about her teaser for Apple Music’s “The 411 Interview With Hillary Clinton” premiering this Friday September 30th. Mary J has had a podcast with Apple for a while now and has interviewed countless celebrities. Stepping into politics a little, Mary sits Hillary Clinton down to discuss police brutality and as you’ve seen above, singing a Bruce Springsteen record to Hillary in a passionate Mary J. Blige kinda way. Fans, supporters, and hecklers, were not phased by her passion and decided to commence to disrespectful memes, comments, tweets, remakes, and more. Apparently Hillary’s reaction coupled with Mary’s passion didn’t sit well with the audience, some even called it awkward to watch.


Hit after hit after hit, sometimes you just can’t take it anymore, and Mary J responds and I agree;


Considering the divorce she is going through, the state of the country, the serious issues with Donald Trump, voting and who’s going to be the next president, I completely understand why Mary would post and delete something like this. People are simpleminded and instead of seeing the power in this interview, they decide to make fun, jokes, laugh, and complain, instead of doing something to get these people out of their homes to VOTE on November 8th if they want to.

Mary is encouraging, and a trailblazer and I 2nd that Mary, “EVERYBODY SHUT THE FUCK UP….” i’ll add “AND DO SOMETHING!”


– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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