Watch Tyra Banks Launches Her Own SKIN CARE LINE Through TYRA Beauty Its SkinNovation


TYRA Beauty

Tyra Banks cosmetic company TYRA Beauty launched a new skinNovation Skin Care line. With the success of TYRA Beauty, a cosmetic line that puts you in power to sell products you believe in, comes Tyra’s latest addition, something she say’s she’s been working on for years. After watching her launch release video I must say, I actually want to try this product! I’d love to test it for you #SOULdiers and get back to you on how it favors my skin. She is one of the first Afrikan American Women to create a skin care line, Tyra Banks is boss.

If you’re gonna listen to anyone abut make-up and skin regiments, why not listen to one of the worlds first supermodels?!

With This SkinCare Line;

Step 1: The Clean Machine


Step 2: The Secret Weapon


Step 3: The Closer


SkinNovation at it’s best. Listen to what Tyra has to Say; More At TYRABeauty


– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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