R.I.P Tommy Ford “Tommy” From Martin Dies At 52 After Being Hospitalized On Life Support

Rest With Jesus…

After a long day of confusion Tommy’s family reports Tommy Ford has actually passed away. The news broke earlier in the day Oct. 12th 2016 that Tommy Ford had passed. Soon the internet took to RIP’s and stories of remembrance of his prominent role as “Tommy” on the hit show “Martin”. Soon after, people closest to Tommy reported he was not dead. Blog sites and official websites updated their wrongful death stories by adding, Tommy is on life support and in critical condition. Social media took to this and posted their prayers. Actress Terri Vaughn even spoke up about it;


So Did co-star Tisha Campbell;


A Message From Tommy’s Family Via IG;


TheBLACKMedia sends prayers to his family and sons whom he’s left behind. God bless you all and let his death remind us that anyone of us can be taken at any time. Stay positive and work towards being a great human being so that when its your time, you go with memories of good thoughts. Tommy left us laughing and will continue to do just that.

#SOULdiers, Send Prayers…

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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