Watch Kelly Rowland’s “DUMB” Music Video With Trevor Jackson DANCING THEIR BUTTS OFF


Get Down Kelly!

Kelly Rowland recently released a music video for her single “DUMB”. “DUMB” was released via Soundcloud almost a year ago to much praise. After the single was released Kelly was seen on the cover of magazines with her new born baby, happily married and on her hit tv show creating the girl group JUNES DIARY. Fans always wanted to know, whatever happened with dumb? Well, choreographer Frank Gatson, who was also on Chasing Destiny, created the amazing routine Kelly and new comer Trevor Jackson danced to in “DUMB”.

The music video is a clear ode to theater. It’s an ode to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Michael Jackson, the greats, but with a modern twist. It’s an intricate dance routine, showing us a Kelly we’ve never seen before. Who knew Kelly could move like this? Kelly is focusing on her girl group, but fans are ready for more like this;


#SOULdiers, wasn’t this unbelievable?!

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