Why Miche’le’s “Surviving Compton” Film & Survival Of Abuse By Dr. Dre Will Save Millions Of Women

A Powerful Untold Story

The story of R&B singer Michel’le “Surviving Compton” airs on Oct. 15th on Lifetime. An untold story of abuse, love, and success. Michel’le was the first woman of Ruthless Records founded by NWA member Easy-E. It was there Michel’le met and fell in love with rapper/producer Dr. Dre. In the late 80s the two were in love, creating music, and trying to take over the music business together, but it wasn’t easy for Michel’le who revealed she was terribly abused by Dr. Dre. Michel’le reports Dr. Dre abused her so badly that he broke her nose, and her ribs, in which she had to get nose surgery to fix the nose he’d broken.


Today Dr. Dre sits with a billion dollar company “Beats By Dre”, a legendary hiphop producer and rapper and Michel’le as a memorable R&B singer from the 80s and early 90s. After the film “Straight Outta Compton” became a success, leaving out the story of Dr. Dre and Michel’le’s love affair, his abuse and terrible times, Michel’le felt the movie painted Dre as a savior who had it all together. Women seldom have an opportunity to tell their side of the story. When powerful men are involved with money, it can be almost impossible for women to speak out. Afraid of fear, more abuse, having been abused for so long they’re depressed, and a litany of other things that could occur at the hands of traumatic abuse. That’s why Michel’le’s story will save millions.


Millions will tune in Oct. 15th on Lifetime to watch as Michel’le bravely tells the story of her career (through the talented actress Rhyon Nicole Brown) and love with two powerful, often seen as scary men Dr. Dre, and Suge Knight. Both whom abused her, though Michel’le accounts Suge as hitting her only once stating he was too big to be hitting on such a small framed woman. Michel’le’s bravery will inspire many women who are abused today. A topic that too often gets forgotten, missed, and chalked up to “crazy women”, “gold digger”, and flat out lies in the form of a lie. Oct 15th will be the day women get re-inspired to stand up for themselves if they’re in an abusive relationship, to speak up, to fight back, because too often are they quiet, too often are they un-noticed. If a woman who has children by the most powerful, aggressive, gangster, scary men in hiphop can speak her truth and tell her story, then maybe you reading this can finally find a way out too.

#SOULdiers, if you know of domestic violence report it, and if you’re a victim, contact us and we will HELP YOU!

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