D.I.Y: Copy & Paste Emojis No App Required B.L.A.C.K Emojis & The Most Used


D.I.Y – Copy & Paste Emoji Desktop Method

My android phone and my computer apps do not have Black Emojis, which sucks, but that’s ok, because I’ve found another way to use them, but also use the most common emojis so simply! Copy and Paste! And it works like a charm every single time! Here are the most used emojis in different skin colours for people of colour.

Use this method if you’re interested in seeing it on Apple or updated Windows desktops, may not appear via mobile devices.

How To Copy & Paste:

Simply highlight which emoji you wish to use right click copy and then paste it wherever you see fit. (Desktop)

Simply press and hold the emoji until the option to highlight and copy pops up. If you cannot highlight it, it may not work for your phone. If it does highlight, copy and paste wherever you see fit. (Mobile) If you’re opening this link from FB or IG simply click the option to open in internet then copy which emoji you see fit.

Desktop to Desktop appearance tested to work and appear as seen below, or better. Phone appearance is tested and appearing white or rectangular square box with an x through it. It may not work for all users.

Lighter Skinned Pop. Emojis;

???? ?? ?????? ??  ?? ?? ?? ☝️? ?? ?? ?? ✌️? ?? ?? ?? ✊? ✋? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ✍? ?? ??

Brown Skinned Pop. Emojis;

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ☝️? ?? ?? ?? ✌️? ?? ?? ?? ✊? ✋? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ✍? ?? ??

Darker Brown Skinned Pop. Emojis;

?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? ???? ?? ?? ☝️? ?? ?? ?? ✌️? ?? ?? ?? ✊? ✋? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ✍? ?? ??

Most Pop. Emojis;

?? ?? ????? ? ? ? ? ✊ ✌️ ? ✋ ? ? ☝️ ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ✍️ ????☠❤️??❗️‼️©️ ®️ ™️♨️?

I don’t use Facebook on my phone. Partly because I run an online business (TheBLACKMedia.org With over 23k on FB) and do not wish to be connected to social media, its notifications, and drama 24 hours a day, and partly because, I enjoy using my computer more than my phone. Im rarely using my phone, but considering 80 percent of my Facebook readers and 50 percent of my web readers use their cell phones to read my articles, I thought adding mobile friendly social media quirks to my post on Facebook would enhance the experience for my #SOULdiers (readers). So by adding via my Desktop emojis to my post I’m able to enhance my mobile readers experience by joining in on something they often do…post emojis!

I’ve made it easy for me to use, whenever I’m on my computer and wanting to post an emoji I’ve simply BOOKMARKED this post and I leave it open in a new tab as a quick way to copy and post. You can do the same, or if you’re on your phone simply copy and paste a few emojis to a DRAFT in your messages that you’ll never delete simply visit the draft copy and paste it, and there you have it!

I hope someone finds this D.I.Y useful! P.S How awesome are the colored emojis?! Yass!

For A Full List Of Emojis Visit: EMOJIS

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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