Get Into Erykah Badu’s Fluffy Cuffing Season Dance It’s EPIC Real Beauty Real Woman


Get Down Erykah!

Erykah Badu recently released a video via instagram showing us her salsa-like dance moves, happy because its “fluffy-cuffing-season”. The video shows Erykah Badu stripped down to her undies and bra with a head full of extended braiding looking beautiful while remaining comical. While the ideology “cuffing season” isn’t one I’m very fond of due to the undertone that once cuffing season is over, aka the winter when you need someone to snuggle up to, you’ll dump whomever you’re with because its summer and time to find a summer fling. It perpetuates a cyclical societal dysfunction and ideology to youth that says; “its ok” to cuff . ..until its summer.

Instead we should be teaching youth to find someone they want by dating being open and honest and if you happen to cuff during cuffing season, you dont have to un-cuff once its over. Maybe I’m too deep.

Many made fun of Erykah saying she “needs to lose weight”, “that gut is not cute Erykah”, and worst. Many of these commenters were overweight, plump, and fluffy themselves, so I didn’t understand the hate. Is it because she’s a celebrity? Or, are they dealing with self-hate unable to see how sexy, gorgeous, and FREE Erykah is? Either way, Erykah got down for us!!!

Erykah introduced the Fluffy Cuffing Season Dance;

While I know Erykah’s video was humorous and enlightening it begs to question, and look deeper into the meaning of Fluffy Cuffing Season. Fluffy meaning thicker, real, and bigger, added with cuffing season, which I just described in the latter, it makes you truly say, damn, so winter is the time men and women should find a thicker person to be with to keep them warm at night?

While Erykah’s dance was meant to promote the fact that she’s funny, and going to be hosting the SoulTrain Awards, I find the unfortunate millennial intellect too warped by it’s culture which doesn’t always extend itself to understanding its ok to want, love, and appreciate a person (woman or man) if they are fluffy, bigger, thicker etc. if its not the winter. Often millennials want what they see on Instagram, fit body’s, enhanced bodies, bodies unattainable to most, not understanding the simple notion of; “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, but hey…Maybe Im Too Deep.


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