“All The Way Up” Goes Platinum – A Major Come Back For Remy Ma From Prison To Platinum


All The Way Up!

Fat Joe and Remy Ma’s lead single “All The Way Up” goes platinum! At the top of August it was reported the “Plata O Plomo” duo rap group went platinum and is expected to sell more singles of the summer anthem, which is carrying over to the winter. People just can’t stop singing “nothing can stop me I’m all the way up”. The smoothness of Fat Joe and the epic return of Remy Ma giving us just a sample of what’s to come helped send this song to the hot 100 making it Remy’s first top 40 hit.

For those of you who don’t know, top 40 hits means radio stations across most platforms are playing your record! It means the masses get to hear it and Dj’s all over the country know in order to excite the crowd, they must play top 40 hits. Some even request Dj’s for party and say; “nothing but top 40 hits”, its what artist work for. While the record didn’t go number one on the charts, it still made a huge cultural impact and helped Remy re-spark her career

Remy Ma was sentenced to prison and spent over five years in prison right at the height of her career. After being away for so long, many wondered if she’d return to the business, and if so, would she be able to rap, freestyle, and survive the new industry. Remy Ma came back and proved everyone wrong.

Not only is she one of the top female rappers, she is a hit on Love and Hiphop with husband Pappose who exemplifies true love, coming back for another season, brought out on tour with Beyonce, remix with Jay Z, platinum single, millions of views on Youtube for her solo singles, and the latest song “Cookin” and she hasn’t even released an album yet!

Remy Ma had one of the greatest come backs ever; she’s “All The Way Up”;

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