Watch Stevie Wonder Sing Happy Birthday To Hillary Clinton Our Soon To Be Madam President


Happy Birthday Madam President

Today, Oct 26th is Hillary Clinton’s birthday. Senator Clinton turns 69 today and in the midst of the election race to presidency Madam Clinton is still working and campaigning! Today on The Breakfast Club Hillary Clinton spoke about the recent debates, SNL, Trumps ridiculousness, and how she plans to follow through with everything she planned in order to get our votes. Let’s just say. ..#ImWITHHer. During the interview The Breakfast Club surprised Hillary with a special guest, Stevie Wonder!

Stevie Wonder entered the room sitting next to Madam President, sharing his thoughts on why he is voting for her, and why he stands for Ms. Clinton. Stevie’s thoughts on Clinton were breathe taking! To sum it up, its her spirit, and who Hillary decided to be when she was younger that makes her fit to be President. Amazing. I absolutely agree.

Stevie Wonder; Full Interview

#SOULdiers, Wasn’t That AMAZING?

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