Watch Azealia Banks Tearfully Explain The Russell Crowe Incident & Why She’s Sick Of Being Blamed


Let Azealia Live!

Azealia Banks sits with Access Hollywood to share her exclusive story about the highly publicized Russell Crowe incident. In recent news Azealia and Russell were in a huge confrontation in which Azealia states Russell, after joking about her videos not being good enough became upset when Azealia Banks started to defend herself. Azealia Banks says her jokes were harsher and more interesting which made him upset and those around him so things got heated and he grabbed her, picked her up, spit in her face, called her a “nigger” and threw her out.

Azealia Banks has been pretty quiet about it, but the Cocoa Rap Goddess finally speaks out about how she’s sick of people blaming everything on her just because she’s a Black woman who’s never held her tongue. Its a fact that Amerikkka, especially in media, will paint Black women as the angry Black girl if they have strong opinions. While Azealia Banks’s opinions are often rude, one situation does not have to do with the other and she deserves a fair, un-bais splash of consideration when it comes to this moment.

You can say a lot about Azealia Banks, but you can’t say she’s fake;


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