Singer Kevin McCall To Appear On Iyanla Fix My Life “Fix A Black Mans Heart” #Growth


Growth & Maturity

Singer Kevin McCall is one of 6 men who will appear in Iyanla Fix My Life: House Of Healing Fix A Black Mans Heart. Iyanla introduced a new series effort that houses women and men in the house of healing to bring forth the conversation of helping each other heal, vs leaving one to deal. The series started with women, some known, some unknown, and now Iyanla is moving on to men, and one that stood out was Kevin McCall.

Kevin McCall is a well known singer-songwriter/producer known for bringing Chris Brown’s career back from the brink after he assaulted Rihanna. Kevin wrote Chris’s hit songs like; “Duces” which landed on Chris Brown’s come back album “F.A.M.E” and served as a platinum record. Kevin went on to appear, singing and rapping on several records with Chris and starting his own career. In recent news Kevin headlined several publications due to his twitter, and instagram rage towards Chris Brown in an effort to settle a “beef”. Kevin was also heavily in the news for domestic violence against then girlfriend model/actress Eva Pigford.

Its honorable, and commendable to see Kevin McCall owning up to his mistakes, rage, and shortcomings. While Kevin’s joining the show does not indicate he was fully to blame for anything that happened over social media, what it does show is growth and maturity. Considering the pressure B.L.A.C.K Men face, added with the oppression we all face, topped with depression and anxiety Iyanla devised a plan to help us achieve better understanding for self, and for each other, and Kevin McCall braved this journey. If that is not the definition of a man, I dont know what is.


“For Iyanla, fixing a black man’s heart isn’t only vital for society; it’s also deeply personal. As she welcomes six black men into her House of Healing, the life coach opens up about how her family experiences have led her to this moment, and explains why men like her father and brother need healing. For more on #FIXMYLIFE, visit


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