Watch Beyonce CMA Performance Feat. The Dixie Chicks A Stunning Collab Breaking Barriers


Amazing Collaboration!

Beyonce performed at the 2016 Country Music Awards (CMAs) with the legendary group The Dixie Chicks. Fans of country music were not happy. Considering most country music singers of the past 30 years have been white people, with large white audiences, when the announcement came that Beyonce would be performing, the racist came out! While not all may have been racist, many of them were, and many of them were simply confused and upset. It was almost like they were saying; “Why is this Black girl here”.

Take A Look;

tweet-22 tweet-11

And Those were PG13 compared to most of the comments. Either way, Beyonce did an amazing thing by connecting her audience to a show that maybe they would’ve never taken part in before. Not to mention, who doesn’t love The Dixie Chicks? Beyonce and The Dixies did a great job!

Watch [New Video Links Will Appear Once Taken Down Be Patient];

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  1. I agree with the angry country fans. It was silly of Beyonce to perform there being that she’s on thie whole pro-black thing and 99.9% of the CMAs audience is most likely Trump supporters. This is why I don’t take Beyonce serious. She’s just another fake using controversy to sell her expired music.

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