Watch Mo’Nique & Loni Love’s Tearful Reunion Since “Soul Plane” Inspiring Women All Over The Nation


Sisterly Love

MoNique recently visited The Real Talk Show to promote “Almost Christmas” and during the interview she and Loni Love (co-host on The Real) shared a tearful moment of sisterly love. MoNique and Loni met in 2004 during “Soul Plane” and Loni recalls good times with MoNique thanking her for being kind and helpful in her career.

The two cried together on The Real after Loni admitted, during her radio show, to bad mouthing MoNique about her relationship ideals. MoNique being the kindred spirit she is, called Loni up and they hashed that situation out with Loni Woman’ing up and apologizing for her ignorance. This type of imagery is simply not seen on television especially dealing with Women, but even more so with Women of Colour. Women from all over are expressing their inspiration due to this moment in tv.

Inspired Women:

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The Moment;


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