Donald Trump Is The President Here’s Why People Of Colour Should Prepare For Civil War

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Virginia Beach

Fear Not, But Prepare For War

Nov. 8th 2016 Donald Trump became the President Elect of Amerikkka, and on January 20th 2017 Donald Trump became the President of The United States. Fear not, but prepare for war. A Civil war has been brewing since before Trayvon Martin was shot and killed and his murderer was acquitted of all charges. While we shouldn’t fear Donald Trump as the president, or have any concerns at all of him being president, due to the checks and balances of the system, Donald as president can do very little, we should however, prepare for what it means to over 50 million people that he is president. That, and only that is the reason we must prepare for a civil war.

Donald Trump brought forth millions of sleeper racist, undercover bigots, and industry leaders who claim to be for equality, diversity, and people of colour in terms of inclusion, when in reality they aren’t, never were and now they have a reason to openly voice their prejudice. Since Donald’s acceptance speech for president, racist have called radio stations, rallied, taunted, burned, and marched in proudness of Donald winning often chanting things like; “make Amerikkka great again, we are in control again”. While many have staged school walk outs, gathered by the millions at the women’s march, and social media petitions against Donald’s winning, the latter is what people of colour should be cautious about.

Donald Trump has given hope, and a reason, to the millions of sleeper deplorables who simply want to get rid of people of colour. Let’s not forget what Donald Trump is really all about;

  • Force Undocumented Immigrants Out Of The Country [Even Though They Have Families And Do Not Disrupt The Economy]
  • Troll Arabian Amerikkkans Marking ALL As Terrorist [Even Though Millions Of Arabians/Muslims Are Not Terrorist]
  • Send Back And Block Syrian Refugee’s [Even Though Their Country Is Destroyed And War Torn]
  • Build A Great Wall Of Amerikkka Blocking Latin Families From Coming Here For A Better Life
  • Get Rid Of Obama Care [Though Over 20million Are Now Insured With Health Care And Climbing]
  • Repeal The Trade Agreements [Which Helps The US And Our Diplomacy And Economy]
  • Bomb The Shit Out Of ISIS [Which Will Do Nothing But Put More Enemies On Amerikkka’s List And Kill Many Innocents]
  • Wants To Work Closely With Russia [Amerikkka’s Enemy]
  • Redefine Tax Codes And Amerikkkan Economy [Making The Rich, Richer, And The Poor, Poorer]

And even though all of those things are true, it’s still not enough to put fear into us. Many of those ideas takes years to repeal and get done, and four years just isn’t enough time. Even though the republicans have control over the house and senate, it’s still too many checks and balances for these bigots to eradicate Amerikkka in the way that we know it. This, is why people of colour shouldn’t be afraid. Be disappointed, but not afraid. There’s much we can do, much to be done.


  • Organize Community meetings to talk implementing peace and unity gatherings to select leaders
  • Talk to lawyers about how we can use the system to our advantage
  • If eligible register for fire arms legally, practice, and keep your weapons safely tucked away in a safe
  • Teach your children to be kind, take advantage of their free education while they can and become their best, but to protect themselves and their families from discrimination and racism.
  • Reach out to the churches for weekly gatherings to encourage each other
  • Seek, and or teach your white counterparts to WAKE UP unify and love each other.

#SOULdiers, Prepare for a civil war, it may not be as literal as the first, but there is one coming. Cops who’ve been killing us will feel encouraged to kill again, racist who’ve been in hiding will gather in hopes of Amerikkka becoming what it was in the 50s, the KKK will become a lot more visible after endorsing Trump and Trump accepting. These are the times of Trumpism – in which people feel inspired to openly hate, fight, steal, kill, degrade, and dehumanize themselves under God, the Law, and…The President of The United States. Disagree With Me?

You’re apart of The Problem!


– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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