Grace & Class Leaves The White House Michelle Obama Covers VOGUE & Talks Influence


Grace & Class The World Loves

First Lady Michelle Obama graces the cover of Vogue’s last issue before the new year! With Trump winning the election, seeing Amerikkka’s princess on the cover of Vogue just clams the spirit and reminds us of hope! Michelle Obama is a stunning woman, full of proud intellect, unapologetically B.L.A.C.K, a strong mother and Woman who speaks her mind, but a relatable source of hope that inspires all culture, classes, and creeds.

Social Media even started a trend to elect Michelle Obama as President in 2020 #Michelle2020;


While I don’t believe Michelle Obama would ever run for President, I do believe if she did…she’d win! Michelle talks in Vogue about her influence. Influence is something we’ve all forgotten about as a nation. We all appear one way on social media, and we often forget to do the actual work to not only appear, but to be as we appear.

Michelle Says;

“Kids are watching us,” she continues. “I experience it every single day. They hang on my every word, what I wear, what I say. And it’s not just kids at Howard; it’s not just African-American kids. They are writing papers about us. They come to us and they’re like, ‘I dressed like you for Halloween.’” I let out a nervous chuckle, and she shoots me a look that says, True story. “Little blonde white girl. I’m like, ‘Really, sweetie?’ And she said, ‘Yes! And I looked just like you!’ And I’m like, ‘Of course you did! And you did such a great job!’” We pause to laugh and ponder this for a moment. “But that means something to me. Maybe because I still have kids and I know that they’re influenced by people they look up to, but it makes us want to live right and do right and be right—Every. Single. Day—so that we don’t ever disappoint these kids and they have something to hold on to, and so that they know—as I say all the time—I can do this. You can do this.” – Read More

Grace and class will be leaving the White House when she goes, but let’s remain inspired! Photos By The Legendary Annie Leibovitz;


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