Watch Tichina Arnold And Her Daughter Alijah Sing Beyonce’s “EGO” It’s Mom & Daughter Goals Extreme


She’s Not Mommy’s Little Baby Anymore

Alijah Kai is growing to be a beautiful teen star! Tichina Arnold and daughter Alijah are often seen on instagram joking, and working! Kai is a dancer, singer, and actress just like her talented mother whom we all know and love from the hit tv show “Martin” and “Everybody Hates Chris”. Tichina debuted her singing voice to the world on “Little Shop of Horrors”, but also on “Martin” the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as daughter Alijah sings just like her mother. Powerful voices!


Alijah and Tichina recently posted a video of them singing “EGO” by Beyonce. It was when Alijah forgot the words that Tichina joined in harmony and together gave us chills. How cool is this? Mom and daughter talent singing together?! It’s beautiful, it’s Mom and Daughter goals extreme!

Alijah Kai & Tichina Arnold;


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