Watch Dave Chappelle SNL Opening Monologue Giving Donald Trump A Chance For One in Return


An Inspiring Yet Funny Opening

Dave Chappelle hosts SNL! A Historic moment in comedic history as this is his first time hosting and his first time back on television since he walked away from his hit show “The Dave Chappelle Show”. His opening monologue was thoughtful, inspiring, informational, and hopefully woke a lot of people up. Dave spoke about people of colour and how our consistent mistreatment in Amerikkka still never stops us from being good human beings. Dave offered to give Donald a chance as President, if only he gives us a chance as a people. An important message!


Dave hasn’t lost his touch, his comedic timing is still impeccable and he even brought out the legendary Chris Rock!! One skit centered around the current political climate, which for comedians and writers, makes for great television, especially in this climate. Another skit centered around old Chappelle’s characters mixed with The Walking Dead! Hilarious! Dave on SNL is one of the greatest things that happened to late night tv, I say, give Dave his own late night talk show!

Dave’s SNL FULL Opening;

Voting and Election Feat. Chris Rock;

The Walking Dead Skit;



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