Watch Steve Harvey’s Tearful Surprise To Bernie Mac’s Wife With “Bernie Mac Day” & More


Absolutely Heart Warming

  Steve Harvey gathers Mike Epps, DL Hughley, Guy Torry, and Cedric The Entertainer to double surprise Bernie Mac’s wife Rhonda in remembrance of Bernie Mac. At first viewers thought it was just a Kings of Comedy reunion with DL Hughley, Cedric and Steve, but later on in the show viewers quickly realized what beauty was in store. Steve gathered friends and family of Bernie Mac including his wife, while Mike Epps headed to Chicago to ready the surprise.

In remembrance of Bernie Mac whose birthday just past Oct 5th, Mike Epps, the Kings of Comedy, including Joe Torry all surprised Rhonda and daughter Je’Niece with The Bernie Mac Auditorium, and with a proclamation from the city of Chicago that claims November 14th, now till forever will be Bernie Mac day in the city of Chicago!

R.I.P Bernie Mac;

  No one could hold back tears, not the audience, the family or the comedians. A beautiful site to see as we rarely see comedians crying, we rarely see momentous occasions of such, and we rarely see such excellent unity in entertainment. Let this lift your spirit!


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