Watch Queen Teddy Dance Her Way Into Our Hearts 5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Her



  Who Is Queen Teddy?! Recent Viral success has made millions smile from ear to ear! The Afrikan Queen Teddy is not just some woman dancing to  “Beat De Chez”, she’s actually an entertainer. Queen Teddy is a singer, actress, dancer, and fashion designer. A week ago Queen Teddy posted the video below, and not before long, millions re-shared it, watched, felt joy, celebrated her curves, her smile, and the way she made you feel. Many celebrated her Afrikan proudness, dancing to a rhythmic beat in her Afrikan fashion, and her huge smile. You can’t watch this video without experiencing joy!

Five Reasons Why You Should Follow Queen Teddy

  1. She Will Uplift Your Spirits!

  2. She Will Make You Smile From EAR TO EAR!

  3. She Will Inspire You To Be YOU!


  5. REPEAT 1-4!!! 


A Message From Queen Teddy;

“Feel Free! because life is easy!”

Full Version:

#SOULdiers, Am I Right?!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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