“Snatch Yo Wigs” Sharaya J Missy Elliott’s Artist Just Released Another BANGA She’s SO JERSEY!

snatch yo wigs


Sharaya J is back at it, this time with “Snatch Yo Wigs” a new single the rapper/dancer just released via soundcloud. Sharaya J is a Jersey native rapper/dancer who was discovered by Missy Elliott. Once Missy signed BanjiRaya to her exclusive label, Sharaya has been slowly but surely making fans all around the world with her explosive Jersey Sound capitalizing of off that club sound, and popular colloquialisms. She is the next best thing! Sharaya has timeless records that can be revamped and reimagined years after its release, and this record is no different!

“Snatch Yo Wigs”:

Sharaya J and a team of dancers recently Mobbed New York City streets and let me just say, Jersey was in the house!! Many stopped to watch and before you know it hundreds! This is what a super star looks like;


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