Watch Taraji P. Henson Open Up | How Acting Helped Her Stop Playing The Victim



Taraji P. Henson was one of many in the latest The Hollywood Reporter round-table discussion. During the discussion Taraji was asked about her recent role as genius Mathematician Katherine Johnson in “Hidden Figures”. Amidst Oscar buzz, Taraji says she had to quiet that chatter because her biggest concern was making sure living legend Katherine Johnson (98 years old), was approving of her portrayal in the film. A true actress, who’s focus is where it should be.


As the interview continued Taraji opened up about how acting is therapeutic for her in that she once played the victim in her personal life, but acting helped her realized her choices were her own. An amazing lesson to all Women and Men who often choose “Woe is Me” vs understanding their part in it, even superstars like Taraji, who appears to have it all, learned a valuable lesson.

Taraji says so eloquently;

“There was one part of my life where I felt like I was a victim, and I did a film and I was like…you really weren’t the victim, you chose to be in that situation, and I don’t know if I would’ve grown personally had I not played that role cause’ I was stuck on victim”

#SOULdiers Have You Ever Played The Victim Before?

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