Watch Killer Mike Give The Best Advice EVER To People Of Colour Getting Out The Street Life


Michael Render, aka Killer Mike the “Run The Jewels” Atlanta based Hiphop rapper, and activist recently sat with Vlad TV to discuss some much needed solutions and tools for getting out of the street life. During The interview Killer Mike made strong reference to learning how to spend the money you receive on the streets and turning it into something legit, and profitable.

Mike’s advice steams from personal experiences. Before Mike became a successful rapper, he too lived the street life, selling various drugs falling into temptation and the lifestyle. Advice coming from him, is advice to listen to! Mike says;

“I Transitioned out of that bullshit, and if you got 5, 10, 15 20, 25 thousand dollars, you can transition out of the street life. For 5 thousand dollars you can set up a got damn snow cone stand……….but what you don’t have to do is stay trapped in a cycle of making money, going to the club, buying cloudy jewelry, buying used premium cars TRYING TO IMPRESS OTHER MEN by having candles on your bottles, you don’t HAVE to do that…” [truncated] 

Killer Mike spoke about banks stealing without compassion, how Black Men are viewed and animals, and what we should do moving forward. It’s the truth on steroids and its worth paying attention to;

Killer Mike On Black Men;


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