Tyler Perry, The First Afrikan American To Own A Major Studio Over 300 Acres One Of The Largest In The US


Tyler Perry acquires an old military base in Atlanta Georgia to house his new 330 acre studio; Tyler Perry Studios. Tyler’s first studio was an impressive 60 acres which housed a few of his earlier productions.

This studio, not only is one of the largest studios in the country, because of its size, and acquisition, Tyler Perry the first Afrikan American to own a major studio! Once finished late 2017 Tyler Perry plans to employe over 4000 workers in some of the most underserved parts of Atlanta.

“…No other African American has had something of this size, of this degree, without a partnership or conglomerate or some major company behind it.” -Tyler Perry

With this new studio, Tyler Perry can create greater film productions, with the vast space and high tech sound stages its going to be a destination for Hollywood to purchase time and space at Perry’s studios, which if done well, could make Tyler Perry a billionaire. It’s going to be the place to shoot, added with Atlanta’s 30 percent tax break.

Tyler Perry Studios;

Photos; Tammy Chappell

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