Watch Nicki Minaj Behind The Scenes Of Her New Game “Nicki Minaj: The Empire” App

Rap With Nicki Minaj!

Nicki Minaj recently released her new game, an app (“Nicki Minaj: The Empire”) that you can now download across all cell phones that consists of building Nicki’s Empire! The app features cool things Nicki Minaj’s barbs (fans) would enjoy like dressing Nicki up, choosing different colours, wigs, and the favorite feature, rapping with Nicki!

Not many rappers, if any, have games that they’ve made into an interactive app, Nicki Minaj is a head of the game, and if her fans are proof of support, she may strike gold with this. Nicki Minaj: The Empire app appeals to younger generations, but teens and young adults can enjoy it without an issue.

Nicki Minaj recently released “Black Barbie” a freestyle addition to the number one hit song “Black Beatles”. Added with the release of this new game, it’s #BlackGirlMagic on steroids and she’s just getting started. Download the app on your android or Apple phones.

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