Watch Denzel Washington Expose The Hidden TRUTH About The “News” In Under 2Mins

Last week while on a red carpet for “FENCES” Denzel Washington was asked by an interviewer about the recent headlines he made.

The headlines read; Denzel Washington Switched His Support From Hilary To Trump.

The fake news story sparked a lot of outrage among the social sphere and thousands were confused. Unfortunately we live in a world where lies are created online so that website owners can amass millions of website clicks, which ultimately leads to millions of dollars in their pockets.

Denzel Washington being the educated man that he is, exposed the hidden truth about the News that millions have no clue about. Millions of readers, watchers, and viewers have no idea that they are lied to on a consistent basis by outlets they believe are trustworthy, but Denzel knows better.

Denzel Washington On Fake News;

“If you dont read the news paper you’re uninformed, if you do read it you’re misinformed. ..What is the long term affect of misinformation? One of the affects is the need to be first, not even to be true anymore. So, what a responsibility you all have, to be, to tell the truth, not just to be first, but to tell the truth! We live in a society now where its just first, who cares? Get it out there, we dont care who it hurts, we dont care who we destroy, we dont care if its true, just say it, sell it! Anything you practice you’ll get good at, inclu-including, BS!”

#SOULdiers, What Sites Do You Know That’s Guilty Of This?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers

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