New To NETFLIX Regina King To Star In “Seven Seconds” A Racial Crime Drama

Regina King is coming to NETFLIX! The 45 year old director, and award winning actress is set to star as Latrice Butler; “…a devout churchgoer and proud wife and mother. After she and her family move out of the projects and become first-time homeowners, Latrice is shaken to her core when she learns that her 15-year-old son, Brenton, has been involved in an incident.

Suddenly aware that there’s more to Brenton than she and her husband were aware of, Latrice is rocked by the power of her anger at her son’s predicament, an anger that will change her life, her relationship with her husband and more…”

Regina King has been busy these past few years. As a director Regina has directed episodes of hit tv shows like; “Scandal”, “Greenleaf”, and “Being Mary Jane” to name a few. Regina has starred in “The Big Bang Theory”, “The Left Overs” and of course her award winning “American Crime” role and now she’s heading to uncharted territory of frequently un-canceled shows, the God of online Tv, NETFLIX!

This is the perfect place for Regina to be considering NETFLIX has a long life span with tv shows and allows full development and creative work to happen due to its subscription base and “no-rules” policy which is drastically different from cable, or prime-time tv.

Seven Seconds;

“…Tensions run high between African-American citizens and Caucasian police officers in Jersey City, where a teenage African-American boy is critically injured by a cop.”

A Racial crime drama, that fits the times we are in, it’s going to be the next greatest show off NETFLIX! I cannot wait until this comes out.


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