Watch Actress Tami Roman Reveal She Regrets Her Butt Injections A Lesson To Those Considering

Tami Roman recently sat with The Doctors talk show and revealed she regrets getting butt injections. The 46 year old actress and famed reality star is often open about many things, bad choices being one of them.

In her viral video thread, which she’s come to call; “The Bonnet Chronicles”, Tami discovers she has a talent for siting observational humor. While on the talk show the doctors took a note from Tami’s Bonnet Chronicles to rant about plastic surgery, it was then Tami revealed she regrets her butt injections.

In true Tami fashion this Basketball Wive’s reality star kept it real by stating; “I’m fine with plastic surgery, I just wish people wouldn’t lie about it, you know they want us all to think that it’s real…”. Keeping with her word, Tami then revealed she’d gotten butt injections, which prior to her stating this, I had no idea!

The “Hit A Lick” actress is not the first celebrity to come out about regretting their plastic surgery, but its important to report due to the enormous amount of Women who often want butt injections to inform them of the turmoil and self hate getting it can cause. While Tami is all for plastic surgery, she warns that regret may happen, an ideology in enhancements that is rarely discussed. You read about botched jobs, too big, not big enough, but you rarely hear someone say; “It’s good, I’m just sick of it and there’s nothing I can do.”

Tami On Butt Injections;

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