Did You Know Missy Elliott Was In An R&B Singing Group Before Becoming A Legendary Rapper?

That’s Right! Missy Elliott got her start in the early 90s with the R&B singing girl group “Sista”. Missy and the girls were signed to Elektra and it was there that Missy met Timbaland who produced records for the group while Missy wrote, and performed with the group.

“Sista” released a string of songs during the 90s before splitting, but before that happened Missy Elliott was a dancing, singing, pony tail having, big bang loving, door knockas rocking R&B singer. Now, this may not come as a surprise to many of you as Missy is known for being a singer/rapper even in her earliest solo hit records like; “Supa Dupa fly” and “Minute Man”.

Not to mention Missy Elliott is known for writing hit songs for R&B singers

like Tweet, 702 and of course Aaliyah.

Watch Missy Elliott’s Artist Rapper Sharaya J

Because of lack of success the group’s album was eventually taken off the racks and shelved, but not before releasing some of 90s R&B most cultured videos, which reminds you of how life used to be. Missy Elliott is a clear ode to the cliche; “where you start isn’t where you end up”.

The now 45 year old rap legend, after amassing a world wide fan base and becoming one of raps most unique artist sits at the top of her game. Having released a much awaited record “Where They From” last year which went gold, the rapper has yet to release an album since 2005. Fans are waiting patiently for what’s next for the Queen of creativity in Rap.



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