Denzel Washington On True Difficulty “Send Your Son To Iraq That’s Difficult…Making A Movie Is A Luxury”

Denzel Washington recently sat with The Hollywood Reporter (THR) to discuss his new film “Fences”, which he stars in and directs. During the interview when asked about the; “first job, or worst job” Denzel responded, but not exactly in the way the table thought he would.

The brilliance of Denzel lends itself to the truth and more frequently we see Denzel giving us the truth about the industry, his place in it, and his peers. After explaining his first jobs and his educational history Denzel then expressed the reality of acting and film making.

If being a garbage man and loving that job more than working at a postoffice wasn’t shocking enough, you could feel the tension rise and see the looks on the faces as Denzel said; “…Just like when people say; Oh the difficulty of making a movie, im like well send your son to Iraq that’s difficult, it’s JUST A MOVIE!”.

It was then that Denzel revealed what it means to be in his position, what it means for everyone at that table in connection with what life really has to offer. Too often are we fed that film makers have the hardest job in the world.

Too often are we made to believe that actors and film makers pour from their gut the most difficult stories and we promote this propaganda which has us believing that actors are more then just that, entertainment, they are not the people who actually make tangible change, though the media, and some actors would have you believe otherwise.

While some actors, films or television series may have inspired viewers or changed film history, let’s not forget the priority of television and film, which isn’t above the safety of our lives. The significance of movies simply does not compare to life’s difficulties and realities a lesson that you’d miss if you only listened to Hollywood film makers who want you to believe that the millions of dollars they were paid to do a film was well worth it because of its difficulty…because its not.

Try being a teacher…they should be paid more than actors if you ask me, but what do I know, Im just a struggling actor trying to make it to my first feature! Ha!

Denzel On Difficulty;

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