Did You Know Sanaa Lathan’s Father Is Stan Lathan The Legendary Director & Executive Producer

Stan Lathan, a name you may’ve seen run across your tv screen credited as an executive producer, or director. Similar to that nostalgic feeling you’d feel when watching “Charmed” seeing Aaron Spelling’s name pop up.

Stan Lathan is Hollywood’s best kept secret. While he’s no secret where it matters, he’s not one for tv appearances, fame, social media recognition, you know the stuff that doesn’t matter. Stan is a dignified creator, who exists to create and could care less about fame.

Stan Lathan, now 71  years old, is responsible for hit shows like;  “Roc”, “The Steve Harvey Show”, “Runs House”, “The Soul Man” and most recently directing Brandy’s new show; “Zoe Ever After” and B.E.T’s “Husbands Of Hollywood”. Stan is also known for cult classics like; “How To Be A Player”, & “Waist Deep”.

Stan, throughout his long career of over 40 years had a hand in directing episodes on hit tv shows like; “Martin”, “Moesha”, “The Rose O’Donnell Show”, “The Bernie Mac Show”, “All Of Us”, “Dave Chappell  Show” and the list goes on. Stan’s hard work and dedication led to numerous awards earning the coveted; Directors Guild Of America Award. Stan is a pioneer in the business creating hit shows that changed the way the world viewed poets, comedians, and people of colour with the Russell Simmons Presents brand of shows like; Def Comedy, Def Poetry, Def Poetry Jam, and Brave New Voices among the few. Together Stan and Russell created history.

Stan Lathan, Sanna Lathan 70s

Many may throw the card of nepotism when it comes to Sanaa Lathan’s successful career, while the latter may hold up in some instances, Sanaa Lathan is a Yale school of Drama graduate who made a career all on her own, away from her fathers legacy.

Sanaa Lathan has only appeared in two television shows her father once worked at, and she has never appeared in a film her father produced or directed. So I guess it can be done, not living in the shadows of your successful parents. Considering Sanaa’s mother was a known actress and dancer, Sanaa has developed a wonderful career outside of her parents legacy, while her father remains a historic figure in television and film.


Stan Lathan Accepting The Coveted Peabody Award;

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