J. Cole “4 Your Eyez Only” Is The Number One Album In The Country No Features/Writers

J. Cole does it again! “4 Your Eyez Only” is J. Cole’s forth consecutive number one album since his first release in 2011; “Cole World”. Billboard announced Cole’s predictions last week, and today J. Cole’s album has sold over 492,000 copies with about 363,000 copies being physical sales, which means only 129,000 sales came from online streaming.

It’s one thing to have fans download an album, but to inspire hundreds of thousands of people all over the U.S to get in their cars, hop on the bus, and walk to stores to purchase a physical cd is rare in 2016! J. Cole’s; “4 Your Eyez Only” is the third best week sales record of 2016, Drake #1, Beyonce #2.

Although J. Cole’s album was released after the 2017 Grammy deadline, it’s certainly a shoe-in for the 2018 Grammy awards. This album, unlike previous albums, was completely written by J. Cole, no features, no guest writers, and if I had to guess, absolutely no ghost writers. J. Cole has developed what will be some of the most iconic stand alone lyrics that will stand the test of time.

While Beyonce, Rihanna, and Drake lead this coming Grammy Awards, an award show that’s supposed to reward artistic excellence, it’ll be exciting to see what 2018 Grammy Awards will bring. Considering J. Cole did the impossible by writing an entire album alone, it begs the question; what is everyone else going to do next year to compete with that?

J. Cole Eyez;

#SOULdiers, What’s Your Favorite Song On J. Cole’s Album?

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