“Smoove Jones” – Mya’s Latest Album Is R&B Nostalgia Perfection & Grammy Nominated

Mya is back! Although she never really left. Mya, known for her hit records like; “Mov’n On”, “Case Of The Ex”, and “My Love Is Like…Wo” is sticking with what she knows, 90s R&B. Mya released “Smoove Jones” in February of 2016.

Mya released her album through her own independent label titled; Planet 9. During the 2017 Grammy nominations earlier this December 2016, Mya’s name, and album, shocked us all! Many, including TheBLACKMedia, had no idea she released a new album.

“Smoove Jones” is a BOP! Every single record on the album is solid R&B nostalgia, it’s perfection. You can literally press play, and never skip one record wondering how you’ve finished the album so quickly, not realizing you’ve been jamming for an hour!

Mya’s album “Smoove Jones” is nominated for Best R&B Album with the likes of; Mint Condition, Bj The Chicago Kid, Lala Hathaway, and Terrace Martin. After listening to “Phya”, “Elevator”, and “Team You” to name a few, TheBLACKMedia changes predictions from BJ winning to Mya winning. If her album was good enough to pass the Grammy’s vault to nominations, even without much charting success, or album sales as her peers, then it’s good enough to win, and it is!

Mya “Team You”;

#SOULdiers, What’s Your Favorite MYA Record?

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