Get Ya Hips Loose This 2017 Missy Elliott’s New Music Is Coming Soon She Says Its FIYA!

2017 – Expect Fiya! (Fire)

Missy Elliott, while promoting her artist Sharaya J, and her new record; “BIG” on instagram, was asked by a fan; “when [are] you gonna have a new song”. Before she deleted it, she exclaimed 2017 was going to bring fiya music!

After comment creeping as they call it, TheBLACKMedia boldly asked Missy, who follows the owner @TahirRegister on Twitter, and have retweeted TheBLACKMedia several times; “When Missy? Round Bout?”. All in an effort to see when can we expect new music.

Missy came hard with her latest record “Where They From” with Pharrell and fans are wanting more. Well, Missy actually responded back. How dope is that?

Far be it from me to push an artist to drop dates and times before they are ready, but when it’s Missy, you know she has a plan and you can expect actually what she says she’s gonna give…FIRE!


It appears Missy wasn’t lying, soon came and just a few weeks after this post, Missy dropped an explosive new video, and dope record.


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