Watch Viola Davis Speak On Donald Trump Backstage At The Golden Globes; “What Does That Say About Us”

It’s Bigger Than HIM

Recently Viola Davis won best supporting actress for her role in FENCES co-starring Denzel Washington at the 2017 Golden Globe awards show, a well deserved award. After the win, typically winners interview with the press backstage.

During Viola’s backstage interview, a journalist asked a question about Donald Trump and the U.S entering into “Trump’s Amerikkka”. Viola, being the brilliant intellect that she is, answered the journalist question in the way includes us all, not just people of colour.

“Well…I will, believe or not, remove Trump from the equation. I feel that…it’s bigger than him…………There is no way, that we can have anyone in office, that is not an extension of our own belief system, so then… what does that say about us?” [truncated]

Viola Davis Backstage After Winning Golden Globe;


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