Watch As This Man Destroys The Myth With Fit Men & Big Women; “Men Actually LOVE Plus Size Women”


Dispelling The Myths

Dj4Jay also known as Blak Trash from the duo music group, is one of the few men on social media, using his platform to dispel the myth that men, black men, and fit men in general do NOT like bigger, or plus size women.

It’s a laughable meme when it comes to big women, or a funny joke at the Walmart seeing a plus size woman with her children, tapping a friend for jokes to say; “damn she got kids? Who fucked her?”, but when it boils down to it, there are millions of men who love bigger, thicker, women, even men who stay in the gym 24/7.

Myth: Men who work out, or skinny men, fit men do not like “fat, big, thick, curvy, obese” women. 

Reality: They Do, and not for the fetish, or experience, but because of pure joy, and essence. Men love thick women, and not your standard new age video vixen with the small waist line and big bottom, I’m talking your average chick at the Shoprite standing in line in all her thickness, stomach, thighs, legs, all that! 

My concern is the large amount of sexualization when it comes to plus size women, as if the sexualization of women wasn’t enough, when it comes to “BBWs” even if you google search it, its hyper sexualized as if that’s the only reason men love thick women, and it’s not. There are even myth meme’s circulating that site this behavior; “Tax time coming around time to fuck a big bitch,” or “baby Moms [shows image of an overweight girl] wife [shows an image of a slim girl]” and the list goes on.

The sad part is there are women who claim; “its unhealthy to be that big”, when in fact weight doesn’t always mean unhealthy. I know plenty of healthy big women who have stomach, and thighs for days and reports from the doctor come back clearer then most. Personally, I don’t know any Man who dislikes big women…Fact.

Myth Dispelled;

The reality is, there are more big women in marriages then there are not, not only that, but I find Men only have something negative to say about a bigger woman in the face of their friends. It takes a true man to ‘come out of the closet’ and say it loud, MEN LOVE PLUS SIZE WOMEN. Big girls aren’t making a come back, they never left…just look at yo Momma! *sips tea*



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