Watch Gabrielle Union On Being A BLACK Woman In Hollywood; “Racist Death Threats…It’s A Scary Time”

The Struggle Is Real.

Gabrielle Union visited Hot 97 to promote Being Mary Jane, which airs it’s 4th season Jan 10th at 9pm on B.E.T. During Gabby’s interview, she recalled several moments of racism during her long career, as an actress for over 20 years.

During the interview Gabrielle talked about people of colour being a small group in the industry. When the topic of Hidden Fences came up, the jumbling of two different movies into one (Hidden Figures, and FENCES), which was stated by white people during the Golden Globes several times, Gabrielle felt it was a clear representation of marginalization in the industry.

To help further explain this idea of marginalization, Gabrielle spoke about doing press and being mistaken for Garcelle Beauvais, who’s known for playing Fancy on The Jamie Foxx Show. Gabrielle even mentioned being mistaken for Sanaa Lathan, by representatives at the very agency that books her for films!

Being a Black actress in Hollywood is difficult mainly because Hollywood is hard for everyone. If it’s hard for everyone, that means its even harder for women. If it’s harder for women, and everyone, that means it’s damn near impossible for Black Women, and that in itself is massively difficult to deal with.

Gabrielle Union is unapologetically Black and her speaking about this is great for actors coming up, but it also sheds light on an industry that claims to be “going inclusive”. Even though most of Gabrielle stories were of the past, Im certain much of it still applies today, hence; Hidden Fences.

Gabrielle Union Talks Pay Equity And More;


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