The Definition Of Male Bashing And Why It DOES NOT EXIST As Told By A BLACK Man

male bashing

A Myth. Created To Control.

Male Bashing, is not a real ideology! It’s not actual, it does not exist! In order to understand why, you need to first understand the definition of male bashing. Oh, and Yes, I am a man, a B.L.A.C.K Man.

Male Bashing Definition: [Truncated]

…perceived as discrimination against or unfair criticism of men Oxford

…a great deal of resentment towards men…To insult male Urban Dictionary

Hilarious! The undertone of both definitions, unwritten, is Women. Women who are perceived as discriminating a man, or criticizing a man, resenting him, and insulting him is what the Oxford dictionary and Urban dictionary cite as male bashing. It’s laughable!

Male Bashing: …Women Having A Voice; Their Truth About Their Experience TheBLACKMedia

Women, for centuries have been considered the lesser sex. In Amerikkka Women’s Rights is an extremely slow build having to be granted, while Men [white men in particular] simply exist with them. The Women’s Rights movement took place from about 1848 to present day continuing as an uphill battle for equality. For decades [and presently] Women were raped, abused, mistreated, controlled, captured, and seen as weak by their male counterparts enduring unfair criticism, sexual advances, actual discrimination, resentment, and insults spewed by men. The idea that women who are vocal about the wrong doings of men in response to how they’ve been treated is considered male bashing, is an absurd theory used to further control the female species and women are falling for it!

In 2010 when Tyler Perry made into a movie, American playwright; Ntozake Shange’s For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide / When the Rainbow Is Enuf, he came under fire. Michael Ealy’s character Beau, a vet suffering from the effects of the war was considered, by critics and male movie goers as furthering the male bashing machine. During the film which was shortened to simply; For Colored Girls the male lead characters were cheating, lying, abusive, rapist, and disease ridden, which the male population took as an attack to their character, aka male bashing. Ha!

Even though Michael Ealy responded against that seeming consensus stating; I think that if you say this movie is male bashing, you’re not looking at the bigger picture…And if you’re a man who is handling your business then you know this doesn’t apply to you. This isn’t a film that showcases men; this is a film that showcases the triumph of our women.” in Essence Magazine. It appears whenever women tell their stories, which often deal with their awful experience with men, the large majority of men consider it, male bashing. Why is that? Is it because they see themselves in the truths of the male characters in film and television? Is it because watching their secrets live in action may out them? As Michael said, if you’re handling your business, then it doesn’t apply to you.

Since when is telling your experience with men considered male bashing? Is it only bashing when you tell your story of abuse, hurt, pain, and sorrow brought on by a man? As if the hundreds of films, write ups, television shows, comics, etc. don’t typically show men, to this day, as the saviors while women are still portrayed and seen as weaker?

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “but there are good men out here”, and as a good — a great man, I agree! However detailing accounts of multiple experiences you’ve had with men does not equate bashing, which is what Oxford, the urban dictionary, and kats on the street want you to believe. Male bashing simply does not exist!

For example, I have a mole on my left finger. The mole is on my index finger, and it grew bigger as I grew older, I hate it! The latter is an example of something that happened to me, am I bashing moles because I’m telling you my story and how I hate my mole? A woman coming to you telling you about her ex-husband calling him a dead beat father because he’s always at the club and never with his children. She hates him for that, and considers him useless. Is she male bashing detailing her accounts with her ex? Or is she simply sharing her experience?

If male bashing is real, then so is female bashing right? If the latter is true, then isn’t what we are actually saying is; Men and Women, as human beings, share the good and bad times they’ve had with each other?

If so, why does the term; male bashing, exist? It exists as a way to further control the female mind when it comes to men. Women believe male bashing is a real thing, but seldom believe they deserve proper respect. Women make excuses for male behavior largely based in what men want them to believe. If a woman hates their boyfriend going to the strip club, a man will convince his woman by using what most men know is a tool of acceptance on a global scale.’s just a guy thing.

Using these tools men have found a way to convince women to further defend improper male behavior by playing the victim when they’ve done something wrong by exclaiming; male bashing. Men use their idea of working hard as a way to explain their lack of respect for women, yet women who carry babies, whose bodies change, who work while pregnant, deal with monthly periods, give birth, take care of the children, head back to work after birth, cook, clean, wash dishes, gain weight because of it, while trying to stay sexy for their man, give oral sex because he demands it, and in their tired stupor find a way to fake an orgasm to make a man feel good, and more seldom complain about their heavy load.

The fact is, Men, in a traditional sense, simply don’t have the same experience, but the second a woman gets fed up and takes to her friends, the hair salon, or nail salon to vent her frustrations she’s male bashing: a divisive term used to aid women to feel bad about speaking out against the unacceptable behavior of a man.

The idea that feminist male bash as a way to reverse the degradation women faced for hundreds of years is another absurd tactic. Feminist do not exist as one being, but as a collection of women gathered for one goal, equality. To argue that male bashing started due to the uprise of feminism is ridiculous! That’s like saying, men have picked on you your whole life, and now you’re picking on us, as if men have stopped!

If you’ve reached this point of the article, thank you for reading. Understand my point, the main reason for writing this article, the simple notion: male bashing, is not real, it doesn’t exists because talking badly about bad men or women is not a specific targeted attack on one gender. It is a human experience that happens when human beings disclose information that negatively effected them.

In short, we all bash each other…women are only now able to do so without it being stoned.

An Inspiring Word From Derrick Jaxn;


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