Rapper Taylor Bennett Announces He’s Bi-Sexual A Beautiful Love Of Self & Why We Should Respect It

Beautiful. Inspiring.

Taylor Bennett announced via Twitter that he is in fact a bi-sexual man. Known as the younger brother of Chance The Rapper, Taylor, just days before his 21st birthday Jan 19th, spoke his truth. Thousands of his fans were excited for his bravery, retweeting and congratulating him, and many of them weren’t so happy.

Considering the physical appearance of Taylor, many just assumed through that, lyrics, and his features that Taylor Bennett was a straight man. Typically when a man “comes out” many often say; “we already knew…he was feminine”. As if feminine nature in a male is THE indication that a man is “gay” or “bi”, it’s not, and Taylor is breaking that stereotype in a beautiful way. We should respect those brave enough to be who they were always meant to be. Some say; “I already knew, I could tell…” as if a Black Man smiling being happy and expressing himself is the definition of gay, or bi, or anything other than, joyful.

Many are condemning him to hell, many women are upset because their “fantasy” is ruined, as if, and many believe that “bi-sexual” is a lie, a starter kit for becoming gay. While I’m no psychologist, I do understand a few things, attraction, you can like sweet potato pie and apple pie right? They are both pie, but you can like both, why can’t you like women and men? They are both human right? Right…

Though I hate to make the latter an example, the point is clear. Taylor Bennett and many other bi-sexual women and men have the right to express their inner feelings outwardly, and if he enjoys men and women, he can. Considering the controversy surrounding Kim Burrell’s hate speech, Taylor Bennett picked a great time to inspire and encourage others like him to be themselves completely and fully;


#SOULdiers, Are You Struggling With Sexuality?

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