Chrisette Michele Releases Poem “No Political Genius” In Response To Her Inauguration Performance

Using Her Gift To Incite.

Chrisette Michele releases “No Political Genius”, a poem, in response to the controversy surrounding her performance at donald trump’s inauguration. Due to Spike Lee, Quest Love, and several other public figures speaking out against it, Chrisette used her gift to incite the buzz. Because fans were outraged Chrisette used this poem to let people know why she did what she did, and who she is. I for one enjoyed the poem, it’s insightful and argues the point that Chrisette really believes what she did was right, and for that, I salute her.

Press Release;

“Chrisette Michele decides to create conversation in chaos with a poetry album she entitled with her infamously coined phrase, ‘No Political Genius’. She invites listeners to stop bickering and start listening to each others point of view. 

With poignant detest for the system, disappointment with celebrity jabs and dedication to Women’s Rights, Michele really hopes to take a well spoken stab at holding hands with America. Her sights are set on beginning some real dialogue. Take a listen to the first installment from the project, its title track, ‘No Political Genius’.”

“I am the black song that Spike Lee won’t sing…
No I am the black elephant in the red room, scared shook White House invites me, you can call me their coon…..”

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In conclusion this poem is exactly what many fans needed to hear in order to fully understand why Chrisette chose to perform at the inauguration.


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