Watch Chrisette Michele Explain Why She Sung At The Inauguration An In Depth Interview

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Chrisette Michele finally does an interview about why she performed at the inauguration. Amidst much controversy Chrisette braved The Breakfast Club to explain the process of her being hired. According to Chrisette she was asked, through a booking agency, Universal Productions, and before she thought of a fee, she said yes, and the agency was shocked.

Many people want TheBLACKMedia to be upset with Chrisette Michele for performing at the ball, but we are not. TheBLACKMedia is upset that trump advanced the pipe line project, TheBLACKMedia is upset about the actions made thus far from trumps camp against abortion and Women’s rights are hurting us. Let’s be upset about real shit, versus being distracted by a singer who sung at an inauguration. It’s sad how easily they distract us.

Maybe the community can organize a plan to get trump out of office. It hurt to see Chrisette perform, and maybe she was used as a pawn of distraction and didn’t realize it, but let’s move on from this and organize. Can we set up mentorships with young men to teach them respect towards women? I believe we can teach young women self love in our communities for lasting effects on their future, be upset about that, not about this.

Chrisette explained that her skirt, which was a Basquiat art piece, had representations of Afrikans past. The skirt, among many things, was a form of speaking out against trump that showed people of colour being lynched, beaten by police, and the brutality Afrikans faced in Amerikkka.

Chrisette Michele On The Breakfast Club;


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