Keke Palmer On Legal Action Against Trey Songz & Dealing With “Sexual Intimidation”

keke palmer

Women Have A Voice. ..Too

Keke Palmer visited The Larry King Show. During her visit Larry asked about the recent, and very public fiasco she and Trey Songz had. As explained on Keke’s instagram page, she was invited to a party. Keke had no idea they were going to be recording a video, and turned down offers to be apart of it.

Keke Palmer, under the influence of alcohol said she felt pressured by the producer and Trey to be apart of the video. The song had some very dicy lyrics about Keke; “…Now she saying that she need me, I palm her pussy like Keke”. Keke says she did NOT ok her likeness being apart of this video and that she was not of sound mind when she was pressured to do it. She even hid in a closet to keep from being in the video.

Keke Palmer Crazy Or Delusional?

Women deal with this type of pressure on a daily basis. Women have a voice too, and all it takes is for a man to say something like; “Babygirl bugging” to dismiss a woman as crazy or delusional. Keke Palmer is neither. Some women will agree with a man knowing they’ve dealt with sexual pressure all because of his patriarchal persuasion. Being a man, I know what I’m talking about when I say, Men do it all the time.

It’s easier to believe a woman is crazy and wanted the pressure, than it is to believe the opposite. In this case, however, the bottom line is this: if Keke is saying she does not want to be seen in the video and that it was not okayed by her and or her management team, then she shouldn’t be in the video.

Why is their discussion about anything else? Because she’s a woman. Point. Blank. Period.

Watch Keke’s Full Interview Feb 1st On Larry King;

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