Watch Missy Elliott’s New Video “I’m Better” Her Latest Single Evolving Hiphop Yet Again

missy elliott

Evolving The Game…Again.

Missy Elliott released her new single and music video; “I’m Better” featuring Lamb. Known for her creative music video with the latest special effects, “I’m Better” follows suit and brings evolution to the rap game. Missy Elliott always gets it right.

Even though Elliott chose to stick to the current rap cadence, which many are getting sick of, she somehow managed to re-create the flow. This futuristic video continuing the trend in her last hit; “Where They From” feat. Pharrell shows Missy on the cutting edge of dance and hiphop, sticking with the origins, but moving it forward at the same time.

Missy even premiered a trailer for her new documentary coming soon. The documentary shows Missy working and creating; “Its not about making a hit, I can do that in my sleep”. It also shows family, friends, and musical peers speaking about the legend that Missy is. This is a must see! [Below]

Missy Elliott I’m Better Feat. Lamb;

Missy Documentary;

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