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Rock & Roll LIVES!

Rahbi is The Definition Of Dope, a Rock and Roll Funk Certified Rhythm and Blues creative unafraid to express himself loudly no matter who’s around, as long as it ends in love. Once a member of the R&B group 4th Avenue signed to LaFace Records in the mid 90s, Rahbi is what the industry is unaware it needs. The music industry is missing creativity, originality, artistic flow, sass and funk, and Rahbi has it all.

“When Did I Know I Wanted To Be An Artist? I Just…I Am An Artist. I Never Had That Moment Of; ‘I’m Going To Pursue Being An Artist. ..’ I Just Am An Artist” – Rahbi

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Being one of the very few professional singers in his family this Atlanta native braves the independent artist world in Atlanta GA a difficult market to exist in. His style is unlike many from Atlanta. It’s almost like he was plucked from The Club Kid era, snatched from studio 54 and revolutionized into who he is today. Considering the climate of Atlanta’s artist, Rahbi stands out.

Raw Sessions Bringing Music Back:

It’s no wonder he is revered by greats like Erykah Badu, and Janelle Monae. His style is unique, and lasting. With his series coming back this year; “Raw Sessions” will be what Erykah and Janelle describe him to be: It will be inspiring, energetic at times, it will be Rahbi! A Stripped down intimate session of music, love, life, funk, rock and roll.

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Rahbi LIVE: Childish Gambino; “Zombies” & Issac Hayes “Do Your Thing”:

TheBLACKMedia teamed up with American Sushi Recording Studios to deliver the kick off to “Raw Sessions” and it was packed with music lovers, family, friends, and beautiful people. The supporters got to watch the entire experience, the photoshoot, the video shoot, the process, and they loved every minute of it. With the performance professionally recorded by American Sushi using their amazing, cut away, beautifully wooded studio in Little Five Points, we were able to jam the night away with no worries.

The energy that night was so special you left feeling high, a natural high of course, which is what American Sushi brings. They put love into everything they do, fine tuned, zin, light, passion, and professionalism, what more could you ask for?

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It wouldn’t be a Rahbi original without a funky band and beautiful singers to assist in the funk of it all. The night was full of surprises. We even surprised the audience with a special performance of “Better Life” a new song written by Rahbi (coming later this year) that he entered into the Tiny Desk competition. Just as I expected, Tiny Desk accepted his performance, and he is now a finalist in the Tiny Desk competition which promises touring to independent artist. This was his performance.

Tiny Desk Performance;

The Interview With Rahbi:

It should be a crime to spread that much positivity, good energy and joy. Rahbi is bringing back creativity, ownership of ones self, love, and rock and roll reminding us all just who started it all. His journey is only beginning, and like most singers with immense confidence when performing, Rahbi’s start in music wasn’t always as bold as he is now. He explains in an intimate interview;

Rahbi is The Definition Of Dope. Redefining what it means to be a B.L.A.C.K rock and soul singer. A gentle soul with a simple goal; spread love, lead with love, end with love. Love! Love is the answer.

“Listen to your body and if it feels good…DO IT, and if it doesn’t…DONT”

The Definition Of Dope Cover Shoot

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