Why Keke Palmer Is The Voice Of The Millennials “I Was The Zoo Animal” A Tear-filled Realization

Breaking The Fake

Keke Palmer stopped by AOL Build to promote her new, and first book “I Don’t Belong To You”, titled after her single that caused much conversation. During the interview Keke spoke eloquently, and intellectually about love, life, helping others, and realizing her traumatization, and breaking the fake to remain her full self.

Keke Palmer The Voice Of The Millennial

It’s rare to find a millennial, aka younger person in 2017 who speaks well and forms complete thoughts full of selflessness, but Keke is that G.O.A.T. Many of us believe celebrities are better, but as Keke pointed out in the full interview below, celebrities are just like us.

Keke suffered traumatization as a child star. From being molested by a female cousin, to existing in a world where she was unable to be her full self. While most believe this is just “rich people talk”, Keke makes it clear that her experience as a celebrity, though she’s not complaining, wasn’t a perfect one.

It’s moments like these that make Keke the voice of the young, woke, intellect. She understands what it means to be a child of God, giving, passionate, hard working, and limitless. She is the ideal woman.

I Don’t Belong To You

In her new book, Keke gives insight and solutions to dealing with the situations life throws at you. She makes it very clear that this is not an autobiography, even though you’ll get the Keke experience, it’s more about owning your full self.

How many of us can say we own our full self? Not many. I do, but it took me a long time, maybe with this book; “I Don’t Belong To You” you reading this can cut that time in half, and be inspired.

“We Aren’t Chained To Anything, But Our Own Minds Limitations…Real Happiness Can’t Find Us If We Aren’t Honest And Truthful With Ourselves, And To Ourselves…”

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