Why Women Shouldn’t Let Cellulite Define Their Beauty Celebrities Who Inspire Self Love

Real Bodies In Hollywood

I know! We are all used to seeing flawless skin, make-up, hair — well, practically everything so perfect in Hollywood. The problem is it starts to blur reality of what’s real and our beliefs on what’s beautiful. As if to say; if you have real body flaws you can’t be beautiful in Hollywood?

Cellulite Is NATURAL & Beautiful

Celebrities are humans. Now, while some of them are praised for their money bought beauty, others embrace their flaws, proudly. Take America’s Next Top Model judge and Supermodel, Ashley Graham for instance, who showcases her curves often on her Instagram page. Proudly displaying how a real woman can look amazing in a bathing suit, work out constantly, and still be holding onto some cellulite — that will never define our beauty.

Celebrities Who Inspire Us To Love Our Natural Selves.

Women know this! When we are packing a little extra meat on our back side, lumps and bumps make our thighs and hips its permanent residence. Cellulite is real and nothing to be embarrassed of. This unrealistic Hollywood image has a lot of ladies running to a surgeon’s office instead of loving the figure they’ve been given. Shout out to Ashanti, Serena Williams, Angela Simmons, and Amber Rose (to name a few) who’ve recently gotten heat from social media trolls for their not-so-perfect bodies. These Queens are reminding, and inspiring us, not everything is fake in Hollywood.

#SOULdiers, How Many Of You Have Cellulite? Comment Below

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